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Tabor Children’s Services, Inc.
National Non-Profit Children’s Organization

“Tabor Children's Services, Inc. has been working successfully with IDSI for 15 years. While other vendors come and go, we appreciate knowing that IDSI is always there to provide support. The staff of IDSI, as a whole, honestly cares about the success of our business, and this sets them apart from almost all other vendors in the area. It is a very secure feeling knowing that expert help and advice is never more than a phone call away.”

—Bob Haussmann, Chief Information Officer

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Cetylite Industries, Inc.
South Jersey-based pharmaceutical company, family-owned and operated since 1947

“We are very grateful for our relationship with the team at IDSI. Their technical expertise and customer service have always been exemplary and our relationship goes back many years. We rely on them for our accounting and inventory software and our hardware/networking needs and they have never let us down. It’s like having an in-house IT professional, without the downside of having that person on the payroll.”

—Jeff Wachman, Vice President of Operations

Ceylite Industries

Instech Laboratories, Inc.
Design, development and manufacturing of instruments for biomedical research, since 1971

“IDSI has provided us with outstanding professional IT support for approximately seven years. Prior to IDSI coming on-board, we were in need of a major overhaul in our systems. IDSI has gradually and very effectively brought our system to a level that matches our business needs. We can now be assured that our systems will provide secure and efficient performance, thanks to IDSI’s depth of knowledge in the field and dependable technical support.”

—Thomas E. Nolan, Vice President Science & Technology

Instech Laboratories, Inc.

John S. McManus, Inc. General Contractors
One of the leading companies in the Greater Philadelphia construction industry since 1967

“We had to make a decision as to whether we need to bring in an IT staff or outsource this critical area of our business. To get their level of expertise, we would have to pay several employees well into the six figures. Using IDSI, we spend less than $20,000.00 a year. We’ve used IDSI to set up and train our personnel for our accounting systems and for designing and implementing our network infrastructure. If there is ever a problem, we know they are a phone call away—and they have never let us down. We are extremely happy with our decision to use IDSI for all of our technical needs these last 18 years and recommend them highly.”

—Mark J. McManus, Executive Officer/Secretary

Jackson ImmunoResearch Labs, Inc.
Central Pennsylvania-based provider of antibodies and immunoglobulins for research

“The IDSI team is very personable and knowledgeable. With our special customization needs, they have had the creative ability to solve problems so our business can operate as effectively as possible.”

—Robin Dunlap, Customer Services Manager

Eatem Foods Company
An industry leaders in food base manufacturing, headquartered in Vineland, NJ

“We have been with IDSI for about 7-8 years now. We are a small/medium company in South Jersey with a one-person IT Department. IDSI makes it possible for us to be efficient and effective with our business. We started out with support and upgrading for our Accounting/Inventory software and expanded to hardware support, maintenance and acquisition of new equipment. I no longer worry about our systems any more. If I have a problem, all the help I need is a phone call away. IDSI also guides us in staying up-to-date in a cost effective manner.”

—Debbi Green, IT Manager

Groupe Zannier USA
Global leader in kidswear

“Since 1990, when we started using Innovative Data Solutions, we have been completely satisfied. The knowledge and service IDSI has shown is extraordinary. It is only outdone by the professionalism of the people.”

—Diane White, Office Manager

PhotoMedex, Inc.
Medical device and specialty pharmaceutical company in the U.S. and internationally

“We have been a long-time user of the Macola/Exact Software Products. Innovative Data Solutions has been a Valued Partner as we progressed through many conversions, upgrades, acquisitions and implementations. We could not have been successful without them.”

—John Batten, Director, IT

Scaramuzza’s Pasta Products, Inc,
Provider of fine homemade pastas, located in Clifton Heights, PA

“Putting our trust and confidence in IDSI is one of the best decisions that we have ever made. We have been using IDSI services for at least 10 years and our employees could not be happier. As a company, our strength is in food products and services definitely not computers. Vince and his great team of professionals have helped us in any number of ways, from installing new computers and programs to taking our panic calls when we are in doubt. They have even taken the time to talk us through installing some programs over the phone, step-by-step.”

—Bob Scaramuzza, President


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