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Virtually every small and mid-sized business faces the same decision relative to its information technology: build or buy?

For many, it’s a tough dilemma that causes stress and cripples productivity. Too often, a business leader elects to move this responsibility outside his or her organization only after they’ve been victimized by limited capabilities and high costs of internal staffing.

This scenario is one that’s very familiar to IDSI. Truth be told, it’s our bread and butter. We’ve saved hundreds of companies from this exact predicament. Because we have the experience and savvy to be able to walk into almost any technical need or challenge and bring smart, effective answers.


Core Computer Support Services

These are just some of the types of issues we help with:

Computer graphics Systems Design & Support

In addition to conventional PC-based office environments, IDSI has deep knowledge of the specialized computer graphics industry, without a doubt the most demanding. The needs of the graphics professional are unlike those of any other systems user. The average computer user uses 2.5 applications every day while the average graphics user uses 5.1 applications daily. Additionally, designers must contend with large file sizes, system and network performance issues, the need for consistent color from start to finish, cross-platform compatibility, image files from a variety of sources, and often, exotic output devices and service bureaus.

At IDSI we know the importance of these requirements and can provide solutions specifically tailored to your graphics department or business. Our portfolio in this area is impressive: we have designed systems for service bureaus, created a fully color-calibrated workflow for publishers, built systems and infrastructure for CAD departments, and designed systems for digital artists.

Many companies attempt to support the needs of the graphics user, but with IDSI you receive seasoned professional service. We have partnered with the biggest and best companies in the industry: Adobe, HP, Umax, Epson, and many others. Our consultants are true graphics professionals themselves, many with years of experience in desktop publishing, web design, and art direction. The graphics industry is increasingly cross-platform, and we can service you whether your system is Apple or PC-based, or we can design a network to support any mix of technologies. Moreover, we are one of the few area companies with the expertise to color-calibrate your workflow from scanner to workstation to output.

With graphics applications demanding more resources everyday we have responded with custom designed workstations specifically engineered for the greatest performance. In configuring your system we can incorporate multi-processor designs, blazing fast 3-D video, and/or high performance RAID arrays to get you working to your peak potential.

View Our IT & Graphics Solutions


View Our IT & Graphics Solutions

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