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3 Vital Ways IDSI can help your business
Your Technology, Our Obsession

Innovative Data Solutions, Inc. is a Technology and Consulting firm. We are a leading provider of IT Products & Services offering a full range of Information Technology, Telecommunications, Internet Security & Monitoring Solutions.

Our Revenue Recovery Division has a suite of programs that can help your business recover any overpaid tax dollars and improve cash flow. Our savings programs can generate significant cost reductions.

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Technology is our business but it's more than that, it's our craft. And in many ways, our obsession. We've got the experience and know-how to manage your IT, software and network- making technology transparent to you and making you more productive.

There are a million self-proclaimed techies out there, but they are hardly experts. At best they know slightly more about your hardware and software than you do.

Savings is our passion our Revenue Recovery Division can transform your company's margins by identifying hidden and immediate sources of cash refunds available through numerous government sponsored programs.

Our team is comprised of some the top tax, legal and engineering professionals in the country that have devoted their career in delivering the highest quality studies in the country.

Featured Solution
Paetec Allworx Phone System

The Allworx phone system family is the best value for any size business. Communication solutions range from small offices to 400 plus. Your digital phone system and telephone system is one of the most important assets to your growing business. The ease and comfort of the Allworx IP Phone coupled with state of the art SIP Trunking capabilities, your business has never had it so easy.

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IDSI's Experts

At IDSI, we know a lot. With at least two decades of experience, our people know how technology works, and how businesses use advanced systems and tools to improve their operations and competitiveness.


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