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Applications for Accounting, Distribution & Manufacturing

Exact/Macola Accounting Software:

Software you’ll never outgrow. At its heart, Macola includes powerful manufacturing and distribution modules that strengthen its finely tuned financial backbone.

Macola is designed for small to mid-size companies that wish to maximize their growth opportunities. Exact/Macola products feature excellent flexibility and functionality and can easily be scaled to the enterprise client. The MS SQL backbone utilized by this software makes it a good fit in almost any size industry.

Macola Accounting Software provides accounting, CRM, manufacturing, distribution and E-business solutions with tremendous flexibility in the implementation of each module.

IDSI is proud to provide our clients with Exact/Macola accounting, long recognized as the best in the industry. We have enjoyed a relationship with Exact/Macola for over a decade. This expertise allows us to deliver rock-solid, creative solutions with each individual implementation.

The Macola module design includes:

Financial Accounting
The Accounting package is the financial basis for a complete solution. It provides seamless integration and comprehensive drill downs to ensure complete, yet easy access to all of your financial information.

The Distribution package provides superior inventory control, accurate customer order processing, efficient procurement functions, strong bill of materials processing, and automatic data collection.

Manufacturing is a package of applications designed for the make-to-stock, make-to-order, assemble-to-order, and mixed-mode manufacturing environments. It also provides closed loop planning and execution systems for quick turn and work-in-process intensive manufacturers.

The Payroll module provides the flexibility to track and process your payroll while maintaining integrated, expandable employee databases.

CRM & E-business
By adding Exact’s new e-Synergy product to the Macola Suite you add the power of a web-based solution that provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Document Management, e-Commerce, Workflow, Project Management, HRM, financial analysis, as well as Web Portal Management.

Exact e-Synergy:

Perhaps the most exciting new product to be introduced for businesses of all sizes, e-Synergy marks the dawn of a new world of E-Business. Based on web technology, e-Synergy is a completely new solution that integrates information from all aspects of your business. It allows organizations to enhance their overall efficiency by giving many more people access to much more information from the inside as well as from the outside. Using the Internet can now be so much more than posting a brochure on the web or running your current application on a browser. The web now means that everything can be related or connected. To you this means access to computers, documents, customers, products, employees, and a lot more with just the click of a mouse. E-Synergy makes these links quickly and efficiently. The solution can be used by both large and small organizations in any sector of business or industry. Wherever there is a need for information, e-Synergy is the solution.

The Exact e-Synergy suite offers a solution for any size market. This allows any organization, regardless of size, to tailor e-Synergy to its own requirements, thereby optimizing the benefits. And existing Exact customers have an extra advantage: they can easily expand their current Exact ERP solution to include e-Synergy (front-office). This enables the full use of e-business applications and avoids the loss of data and business discontinuation.

The backbone of e-Synergy is the revolutionary One-X architecture. Simply put, this means that the data from all parts of your business is stored in one bulletproof database. You have just one database and just one transaction table, making financial administration much easier. You record your information only once. ERP software based on One-X is fully integrated with e-Synergy.

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Crystal Reports:

Seagate Crystal Reports is the industry standard for report writing. Crystal Reports is the tool of choice for both the novice report writer as well as the experienced professional. It sports a slick graphical interface with a powerful range of flexible reporting options. The user can design reports with a simple drag-and-drop or take advantage of more complex queries and programming options. Crystal allows output to multiple formats including Word, Lotus, Excel, and many others. Publishing reports on the web is easy because Crystal also writes to HTML. Seagate markets a professional version that allows an entire report to be complied to an .EXE file so any user can run a report without having Crystal installed.

Macola has chosen Crystal as their report writer of choice and many of Macola's default reports are written in native Crystal format. When integrated with Macola it becomes a powerful tool that gives you the ability to extract and format virtually any information your company needs. With the addition of the Macola Flexibility Suite you gain the power to integrate all of the features of Crystal directly into the Macola interface.

IDSI provides full support for Crystal Reports including training and custom report writing. We would be happy to demonstrate the many ways you can use this tool to enhance the information collection and distribution needs of your business.

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IDSI has a long relationship with Goldmine by Frontline Solutions. It is the premiere software for contact management and sales force automation. Having won numerous awards, Goldmine has proven itself to be faster and more affordable than its competitors. The GoldMine family of products offers small to medium-sized businesses full-featured, yet affordable, solutions to manage every facet of prospect and customer relationships. The product blends contact management, sales force automation, and team-based communication to ensure rapid results and seamless functionality. Goldmine can integrate with a number of database formats from DBF to SQL and can import data from almost any external data source. Frontline offers an advanced synchronization option called GoldSync that allows even distant users in the field to have access to the most up to date information. Pound for pound, Goldmine offers the best the industry has to offer in contact management with superior stability and performance.

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